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Parkinson's Disease Faced Head-On: Nobel Prize Winner's Wife Dies from Hypothermia

Tips for family members who act as caregivers

There is no one sure way to handle Parkinson’s Disease. Each patient and family will be experiencing something different from the rest, and the whole thing could become very overwhelming. Here are a few things a family member can do as a caregiver:

  • Take a break: It might be surprising to have this as the first thing to suggest, but this will allow a person to spend time with themselves. Every individual has the right to relax and get a moment of rest. If taking the time to go out with friends is what it entails, then go for it. Mingling with friends and other members of the family can get them the support and care that they need themselves.
  • Read and learn about the disease: Changes are unavoidable and knowing what’s coming will help family members be mentally and emotionally prepared to face the long-term effects of the disease.