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What Not to Say to Someone With Parkinson's Disease

Avoiding Any Discouraging Messages

Although certain individuals may believe they mean well towards those with PD, using negative words can affect some. While there are individuals with Parkinson's who have differing views, all sides deserve a chance to be heard on what may represent as insensitive or ill meaning on an individual basis. Patients with PD oftentimes have issues with basic household chores, which can cause unwanted stress that is most certainly not the fault of the individual. Discouraging comments towards housework or a change in appearance can cause not only embarrassment and unwanted stress for some, but is considered a demoralizing remark overall. Regarding those facing the daily management and treatment of PD, it well-known among the community that appearances can change in any stage. Commenting on this could only worsen the stress that is already upon someone with PD. Unwanted comments can lead to greater strain and a constant worry that judgment is being passed.