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What Not to Say to Someone With Parkinson's Disease

Breaking Stereotypes for Those with Parkinson's

There are numerous stereotypes surrounding those with PD. Addressing some of these issues can be uncomfortable, but breaking down barriers for those facing the daily management and attention of Parkinson's is important to overall treatment. The assumption that individuals with PD always have difficulty walking is indeed a common misconception that many can have. If someone with Parkinson's parks in a handicapped space and/or received various assistance, judgment should never be passed. Individuals can still suffer from gait issues and composure that makes walking difficult. There may also be the supposition that someone suffering with Parkinson's has let go of all hobbies and no longer enjoys their life. While staying focused and dealing with PD can lead to numerous stressful cases and life changes, it is never right to assume what those with PD do with their free time and daily activities. Many patients with Parkinson's are able to enjoy a plethora of activities. Even if actives related to high intensity sports are no longer possible, there are numerous resources out there and hobbies that someone with PD can enjoy. Presuming the worst in each one-on-one case is never acceptable, either. Merely assuming that someone with Parkinson's does nothing all day and doesn't get out is extremely degrading and noxious to the overall mindset and stereotypes that are trying to be broken down within the PD community. Many individuals with PD enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, outside activities, puzzles, various different cultures and fandom universes, volunteer work, and much more than one might be accustomed to knowing.