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Pastry Chefs with Wheat Allergies and Celiac Disease

Other chefs with dietary restrictions: Nicole Brisson

Blinn isn’t the only person in the cooking industry with dietary restrictions. Nicole Brisson, who is a Las Vegas culinary director for the B&B Hospitality Group, has two gluten-related autoimmune disorders: Hashimoto’s disease and Celiac disease. Both of these diseases hinder her as a chef, as the diseases virtually eliminate sugar, dairy, soy, and gluten from her diet. While this may sound like the most effective way to lose those last fifteen pounds, it poses a tremendous problem for a chef who needs to taste her food.

The disease left Brisson reeling. “Honestly, it was pretty devastating, because I started to realize how much [the disorders] intertwine with food,” Brisson lamented.

Photo source: The Las Vegas Review Journal