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Patti LaBelle Uses Clean Food to Help Fight Diabetes

LaBelle is not backing away from her diabetes diagnosis

Never one to back away from a challenge, LaBelle has not her disease control her life, instead she has learned to control it. Whether it’s by increasing her exercise, becoming close personal friends with her doctors or altering family favorite recipes to make them more diabetic friendly.

LaBelle has learned to saute and broil instead of fry, she eliminated southern favorites such as fatty ham hocks for lighter, leaner smoked turkey legs. She has even managed to lighten-up her apple pie by either eliminating sugar all together letting the sweetness of the fruit come through or by using natural sweeteners such as agave.

LaBelle knows just what spices and hot sauces can do for a meal without adding extras. In fact, she has become such a daredevil with the hot sauces that can even regularly enjoy tastes of ghost peppers, considered to be one of the world’s hottest peppers.

LaBelle has also ensured that her legacy and her passion clean healthy food doesn’t disappear anytime soon. Her son Zuri considers his mother a cooking mentor and has not only learned to make fantastic homecooked meals from his mother’s cookbooks but has now taken over meal preparation such as Thanksgiving.

Photo: Patti Labelle by Sandra Alphonse