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Podcasts: Using Humor to Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Breaking the stigma

One of Jeremie's main goals of his podcast is to break down the stigma that is associated with illness and disease. So, what does that mean? It means that sadly sometimes people with a chronic illness are outcast for being different. Their condition was obviously not by choice, but they can still be treated differently because of it. It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown. In some people, this can come out in a very negative way. To put it quite simply, it can equal ignorance. People may feel uncomfortable around those with a chronic illness. Maybe they feel they may catch something as if it were that easy. It’s unfortunate, but it happens across several illness groups, including cystic fibrosis.

If someone wants to prove it, just go to a waiting room. Sit and watch how many people get uncomfortable when the girl with the mask enters the room. It’s automatically assumed that she must have some life-threatening illness everyone can catch if that mask comes off for one second! In reality, the mask is probably for her protection so she doesn’t catch germs from everyone in the room.

People with chronic illness are at a higher risk of developing depression because of this behavior from peers. It can lead to feelings of isolation and sadness. All anyone wants to do is fit in. People want to be different, but for the right reasons. When people are mistreated for having an illness, it is unacceptable. Here’s a person already trying to embrace life after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. They are already vulnerable, feel different, and feel uncomfortable. When they are shamed by others for having the condition, it can be very damaging to self-worth. These feelings can lead to depression and anxiety disorders. Jeremie's podcast does a huge service for this type of individual. These people can interact with positivity and discussions that help them feel better.