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Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Improves Sleep Apnea Patients' Quality of Life

Other advantages using PAP therapy

Treating sleep apnea through this therapy can also reduce a person’s risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes as it can help improve their sensitivity to insulin. In addition to that, sleep apnea is related to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, which are both factors of type 2 diabetes. They can also manage high blood pressure better. Also, as they get a sufficient amount of sleep, they are not likely to get involved in accidents, especially on the road as their sleepiness during the daytime is reduced.  

The PAP therapy can also help a patient restore normal sleep patterns by eliminating breathing pauses while they are sleeping, which means that they will feel more refreshed and energized when they wake up the following day. With this comes improved concentration as well. This means that the patients can make better decisions, may it be in their work or in their life. They can also decrease their chances of making mistakes in whatever it is that they are doing. It is also said that this therapy can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other mild cognitive impairment.

Also, as the airway is kept open, the sound of snoring is also eliminated. This benefits not only the patient but also their partner and even the other people who are sleeping in the same house as them for it provides a quieter environment for sleeping. More than anything else, treating sleep apnea through PAP can help prevent more complications from happening. This also means that they can prevent costly medical expenses.