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Pot, Politics and Lymphoma

Medical marijuana has a potentially bright future ahead, depending on legal action

Although medical marijuana faces a number of obstacles in terms of federal approval, individuals are advocating for policy changes in the coming years. In fact, over 76% of healthcare professionals are now favoring the use of medical marijuana and according to a 2017 poll, the American public voted 94% in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana. “By 2020 I see a shift where pro-cannabis will be a thing to be …. The future is going to be very bright, how bright depends on the legislators moving forward in 2020,” said Jon Marsh, a leading cannabis activist. Beck, on the other hand, took on a different approach, stating that the responsibility lies on the American public - “The best way to start is to have local communities band together and decriminalize on a county to county basis. Once enough counties do that, the state and federal governments will see that the people are speaking. They will hear us.”
Based on recent findings, marijuana serves as a valuable medical aid for patients suffering from illnesses and medical conditions, such as lymphoma. However, only time will tell whether the qualifying conditions of the states will legalize medical marijuana, taking into account its safety, efficacy, and quality.