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Pro Athlete Jake Diekman Recovers From Ulcerative Colitis Surgeries

Jake’s fiancée’s role

Jake’s fiancée’s role

Amanda supported Diekman throughout his pain and his recovery. As his primary caregiver after the surgeries, she listened and supported him unconditionally as he willfully pledged to return to his baseball career.

“I was in the hospital for 9 days, and I think she was only gone for 2 hours,” Diekman said on an interview with SportsDay.

Diekman said that the pain would sometimes test his patience, and Amanda’s as well. But she never left his side. It’s a true testament of unconditional love for the young couple.

“She’s the most caring, wonderful human being I’ve never met. I wouldn’t want to go through that with anybody else,” he said in his interview.

Sometimes, during his recovery, Amanda remembers how Diekman would get on all fours and bawl as the pain got too unbearable. All she could do was force away her tears as she held him her arms, patting his back for comfort.

“All you can do is be there.” She said.