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Pro Athlete Jake Diekman Recovers From Ulcerative Colitis Surgeries

Jake’s first pitch after 10 months

Jake’s first pitch after 10 months

Amanda flew from Vegas to Dallas so she could support Diekman as he pitched for the first time since the surgeries. It would be his first game after 10 months of medical leave. Nerves were high as Diekman pitched against Arkansas during the fifth inning.

Watching Diekman’s first pitch, Amanda sat in the stands nervously and clutching her hands in a silent prayer. The first pitch was off, then his second below the zone. She could sense his disappointment from her seat in the stands.

When Diekman was recovering in the hospital, she was able to hold him and support him at his side. She couldn’t do that during a game. All she could do was be there.