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Pro Athlete Jake Diekman Recovers From Ulcerative Colitis Surgeries

The couple’s vision for Gut It Out Foundation

The couple’s vision for Gut It Out Foundation

Diekman and Soltero started the Gut It Out Foundation to benefit education and research for the inflammatory bowel community. Throughout the journey of his recovery, Jake and Amanda were blessed with many rewarding interactions with other people with inflammatory bowel disease. They realized that the IBD community is filled with empathy and educational information for patients as well as caretakers.

Jake and his fiancée hope that through their foundation, they can not only support the research for better cures of IBD but also improve relationships within the IBD community. They hope that people can come together and share their both good and bad experiences without fear. 

Diekman has raised over $18,000 already through T-shirt campaigns partnering with Athletes Brand. He recently released a “Gut It Out” t-shirt, emblazoning his personal mantra on the front design. The t-shirt was only sold for a few weeks as a limited-edition item. All the proceeds from sales went to the new Gut It Out Foundation to help support IBD research.