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Purpose Makes You Feel Good, Says Multiple Sclerosis Advocate

She is an advocate for good health, but doesn't forget to enjoy the little things

Nowadays, Curry Hill remains dedicated to helping to find a cure for MS. She also remains committed to staying both physically and mentally active – as much as she can. “I do need to lose some weight, but I never went crazy on any diets. I try to eat healthy and eat what I want, and I still like my wine in moderation — a good chardonnay — and the occasional martini,” she said.

Curry Hill exercises on a regular basis with exercise machines and gets coaching from her personal trainer. “I do physical therapy three times a week to keep myself strong. I used to ride horses, and I still do equine therapy (also known as hippotherapy) to help with balance,” she said. In order to promote brain activity, she enjoys reading books about history and politics.