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Purpose Makes You Feel Good, Says Multiple Sclerosis Advocate

She has an extensive history of volunteer work

In 1981, before she began to volunteer for MS-related causes, Curry Hill focused her efforts on breast cancer while living in Dallas, Texas. In 1992, she moved to Aspen, Colorado because she found that the climate in Texas was too hot for someone with MS. “It took about a year to adjust, but I did really well after I made that move,” she said.

During her first year in Aspen, she started a local “freedom” swim and water therapy program. She did so in collaboration with late Olympic skier Jimmy Heuga, who was diagnosed with MS in 1970, at the age of 26. She also supported fundraising for accessible skiing in Aspen.

In 1993, Curry Hill met Nancy Davis, founder of Race to Erase MS, when she volunteered for the first event held by the organization. Thus, began her long and productive association as volunteer and board member of the organization.