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Teen Mom 2 Star Shares the Reality of Raising a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

Ali has made strides in her physical development

Even physically, Ali has made certain developments that some might not have thought possible. She has learned to ride a bike, as fans who follow the proud mother on Snapchat might already know. Leah always makes an effort to make sure that her children experience a regular childhood despite the circumstances. Ali and twin sister Aleeah have also participated in kid’s gymnastics, but Ali had to quit because it was too stressful on her body. At the moment, the twins are members of a local softball team.

Sports have proven to be a great hobby for the kids for a number of reasons. One is because the siblings get to bond together and provide emotional support to each other. Research has also shown that physical therapy is an excellent way to ease the symptoms of the disease, though it must be accompanied by a proper amount of caution. Both inactivity and overexertion can make the symptoms of Titin muscular dystrophy worse, so balance is key.

Photo Source: Ali and Aleeah via Instagram