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Teen Mom 2 Star Shares the Reality of Raising a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

Involuntary eye movement: Another challenge to overcome

However, it seems that the condition might not be the only thing affecting Ali’s health. As a baby, it had already been observed that Ali had problems with her vision. The first season of Teen Mom 2 documented how the family handled another diagnosis in the form of nystagmus, which involves involuntary eye movement. Ali has been wearing glasses ever since to correct her eyesight. At the time, the doctor informed Leah that it is likely that this is not connected to muscular dystrophy because vision is controlled centrally in the brain.

More recently, Leah posted a tweet narrating how Ali asked her what it is like being able to see with both eyes. Leah has said that it is the first time Ali asked about her vision. While it has been years since the initial nystagmus diagnosis, it must still be heartbreaking for a mother to hear about her child’s pain. But, the Teen Mom 2 star has been able to handle all of these ordeals and responsibilities with exceptional strength that is truly impressive and inspiring.

Photo source: Instagram