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Teen Mom 2 Star Shares the Reality of Raising a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

Leah's challenges in seeking aid

Leah has explained that she Ali had been experiencing difficulties breathing because of her asthma. Aside from that, she was also falling a lot, and she had reportedly been unable to eat properly at school. This has caused the single mother to worry about moments when she is physically unable to support her children.

Leah spoke to her sister, her closest confidant, and has consulted with members of the school staff. The school has thankfully been supportive of the family’s problems and has since provided an aide for Ali. The aide will be shadowing Ali at school, helping Ali with tasks like opening food containers to ensure that she will be able to feed herself more effectively.

Another problem the family experiences is money. Leah has reported that hospital bills are causing her and the entire family a lot of financial stress. Treatment can be undoubtedly expensive, and Leah also recalled one bill to be $20,000. Some people might complain that reality stars are undeserving of the money paid to them, but it is undeniably great that the money Leah earns from Teen Mom can go towards care for Ali, as well as the needs of the rest of the family.

Photo source: Instagram