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Cry Your Eyes Out: 10 Reasons Crying Is Good For You

5. And it cleans your nose too!

Along with washing the eyes, crying also cleans out the nose. When we cry, our noses experience a build-up of mucus. The “[t]ears travel through a tear duct and…the nasal passage where they come into contact with [this] mucus,” (Pritchard, 2016). Upon meeting, the tears loosen up the mucus, which is why our noses always run during a crying session or we feel the urge to blow our noses; the two are inherently connected. The flushing clears the nasal passages of potentially harmful bacteria, dust, allergens, and other irritants. This is why, once the crying is over, we often notice clearer (and cleaner) noses that allow for easier breathing. As such, the removal of these microbes can also decrease the chances of developing a cold. So, while it may not be the most pleasant or cleanest experience, crying and the ensuing runny nose are actually good for you in the long run.