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Cry Your Eyes Out: 10 Reasons Crying Is Good For You

6. It restores emotional balance

Of course, the act of weeping also has significant emotional benefits for an individual. People usually cry due to sadness, but anger is also a frequent cause for tears. Crying when mad or frustrated may make you feel like a weakling, but it’s actually not a bad idea; shedding tears is, in fact, quite calming. When you cry, you not only release real toxins from the body, but also eject harmful emotions as well. This evacuation acts like a reset button for our minds and brings balance back to our emotions. Whether it’s a severe trauma or simply the day’s woes, unpleasant emotions can build up in the brain’s limbic system, which in turn can put significant stress on the boy’s nervous and cardiovascular systems. Through crying, though, we are able to release these emotions and calm ourselves down. By taking advantage of crying’s cathartic nature, a person can tackle their difficult circumstances with a level head.