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Cry Your Eyes Out: 10 Reasons Crying Is Good For You

Humans are the only creatures that shed emotional tears

As previously mentioned, humans are the only creatures on earth that cry because of our emotions. That’s not to say that other animals do not or cannot feel; they simply emote in a different manner. It is not clear to scientists as to why we do this, or where it came about. Charles Darwin himself believed emotional tears served no modern adaptive purpose. Nevertheless, many researchers believe there is an evolutionary link to our engagement in weeping in times of turmoil. Some 30 million years ago, scientists say, a genetic mutation occurred that caused our tear glands to become connected to our limbic system, which deals with our feelings and how we express them. Over time, this mutation developed into what it is today, which, according to author Michael Trimble, is a response triggered in the brain’s neural system by emotional stimuli. Still, emotional crying is an exclusively human phenomenon that requires further research to fully understand it.