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Cry Your Eyes Out: 10 Reasons Crying Is Good For You

Some people are simply more prone to crying than others

Basal and reflex tears are more deeply rooted in our biological processes and so are more easily predictable across populations. Emotional tears, however, aren’t as clear cut; some people maintain a stoic demeanor even in the midst of significant stress, while others will break down crying at the drop of a hat. Why is that?

Scientists have determined that certain individuals are more prone to crying than others, but truth be told, they aren’t sure what causes this predisposition. Temperament certainly plays a key role, and researchers suspect other factors help as well, including gender and whether or not a person has experienced trauma in their past. Those who have experienced great emotional pain are more inclined to shed tears than others, for example, and women have been found to cry more often than men.

Overall, the tendency to cry is a broad spectrum, and our emotional histories are big determinants as to where we fall on it.