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The Right Diet and Nutrition for Lymphoma Patients

Stick to the good fats

Stick to the good fats

"Fat" seems like almost a bad word, but it is just as important in our diets as any of the other items mentioned. However, you want to stick to the "good" fats and not the "bad" ones.

Fats are crucial for the body to have energy, and can also provide vitamins. Unsaturated fats - the good ones - support heart health and lower cholesterol. Great options include avocados, oily fish, and avocados. If you cook, some oils can aid in this as well.

However, when it comes to the bad fats (saturated fats), you definitely want to limit your intake. So don't have too much butter, cake, meat, processed foods, etc. That does not mean you should never have them, but you should certainly not make it a habit, and if it already is, you probably want to stop it. Women should not exceed 20g of saturated fats per day, and men should have no more than 30g in a day. If too much is consumed, you will be at a heightened risk for heart disease, stroke, and more.