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Seeking Online Resources for Fibromyalgia Information

Seeking Online Resources for Fibromyalgia Information

For those who have had fibromyalgia disease for 20 years or even more, the internet has offered a lot of information online and this information can be found with ease. For those young people who don’t understand the world without internet, finding information about the disease or anything to help understand what was wrong with the body was nearly impossible.

Nowadays people can find online resources with just a click. All they require is a subscription to a good internet package such as Xfinity Triple Play. There are also several organizations created just to help people cope with the chronic pain of this disease. The best way to stay in emotional and physical control of the illness is with the many resources.

What has the Internet Offered?

The Internet has made it easy to understand many things about the disease. Anyone can find information about the disease and also connect with those suffering from the same disease. People can search and find various treatment options and find doctors who can treat fibromyalgia. They can also get suggestions and tips that can ease the lives of those suffering from the disease.

The Internet has provided a sense of independence to patients who can’t leave their house. They can bank and shop online as well book a virtual doctor’s appointment. All this can be done while at home.

What are the Available Online Resources?

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has a lot to offer than networking with friends and family. Facebook allows someone to communicate freely in closed groups. People can also communicate without judgment. Facebook friends can’t see what others post, so anything shared with a closed group remains private. Sometimes closed groups can provide advice and friendship that most people need and can’t find in other people.

Personal Blogs and Patient Websites

Fibromyalgia patients should seek patient websites, and personal blogs as these can provide valuable information. Finding these personal blogs and patient websites can easily be found as different fibromyalgia sites share them for people to follow.


People can also use YouTube to find crucial information that can help them. Whether they want a tutorial or a movie that can teach them how to meditate, YouTube offers almost anything that people want to watch. By searching fibromyalgia, people can easily find advice videos and exercise videos. They can also find videos that claim that they have cured. This website is good for enrichment and entertainment.


There are many resources on Amazon that can enrich someone. People can subscribe to prime now, free Kindle books, videos, music, and groceries. People don’t have to leave their house again, well, maybe to go and pick their mails. This site contains almost anything that most people need.

Other Online Stores

Whether people are looking for clothes or groceries, people nowadays buy everything online. The Internet has made shopping amazing, and most people didn’t enjoy shopping before the internet. Now people can even order grocery online and have them delivered to their doorstep. However, some require people to pick the grocery at the nearest store. Most fibromyalgia patients find this to be amazing. Most won’t mind spending extra money for delivery. It might save them from the pain they will experience when they go for shopping.

When shopping for clothes, choosing the sites that allow for return should be considered. People can easily order them and have the items delivered to a store for free. They can try them, and if they don’t fit, they can be easily returned. There is good selection online, and people can find anything that they want. Sales can also be better

Fibromyalgia News Today

This site has helped many to attain a good life and must be mentioned. There are a lot of information on the site, and excellent articles found in patient’s columnist can help many come out of desolation. Different people have shared their experience with the disease, and when others read, they learn how to deal with the disease. Probably, this is the best way one can find out how to handle the disease than going to a doctor.

Also, readers can post comments and sometimes other people can get ideas. People can learn from these ideas and perhaps can help them with the same situation that others have dealt with. 

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association

This is a fibro info site and shares all the information including financial issues and medical resources. NFMCPA is a non-profit organization and uses their top notch fundraising and a huge audience to advocate for fibromyalgia patients. They also keep the community informed.

This site focuses on the relationship between other chronic diseases and fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Network

Fibromyalgia offers fibro news and many tools that can help in understanding the disease. The website also has updated list of referral listings and state’s health care providers. There is a membership fee of $28, and this is paid annually.

Fibromyalgia Information Foundation

This foundation is administered and hosted by doctors. It is dedicated to keeping patients updated and participating in fibromyalgia care. Patients can download lectures from different conferences. They can also look for videos on exercise, good stretching and relaxation techniques. People can submit their name and other information into the database, and they will be informed of upcoming research studies.

Social Support

Sometimes fibromyalgia patients need support so that they may not lose confidence and give in to the disease. Luckily, nowadays people can easily connect with other people who experience same problems for support. For those who can’t attend social groups in person, there are many online communities and forums to help them share their stories and get answers. They will also gain confidence and comfort.

Daily Strength

Daily Strength is a well-attended and well-organized fibromyalgia group. People can join and start a discussion on any fibromyalgia topics. There are also medical experts are available to handle any question that people might have. Online resources have helped those suffering with fibromyalgia since now they don’t have to leave their house to do some task. These tasks can now be completed online. This has helped in dealing with the disease. Shopping and banking online have saved a lot of time for those suffering from the disease and others with disabilities or other chronic diseases. It has given them freedom. Now they can do things that they couldn’t do because of their physical limitations. 

Key Takeaways

  • Daily Strength is a well-attended and well-organized fibromyalgia group.
  • People can also use YouTube to find crucial information that can help them.
  • Fibromyalgia patients should seek patient websites, and personal blogs as these can provide valuable information.