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Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity Rocks Netflix with Alzheimer's Awareness Variety Show

Comedy can help bring back a patient's memories

Michael Che of Saturday Night Live fame, revealed that his mother has Alzheimer’s. The great thing about humor is that it is quite therapeutic for those with the disease. Che says that he sometimes tells racist jokes to his mom and she immediately “goes back to the 50’s.” He smiles with a wink but you know there's a lot of truth to what he says. 

Of course, it’s no surprise that the humor of Alzheimer’s patients deteriorates over time, so sometimes they can’t find jokes that are funny anymore. In fact, a study tackled the altered humor of patients who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Results, in fact, showed that there is a correlation between the disease and the development of darker humor in patients. There are other factors affecting this, but generally, there is already a connection.

Photo source: NBC