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Signs of Sleep Apnea and the Need to Address It

What to do if Sleep Apnea Is Suspected

The first two clues that may point to sleep apnea is a combination of snoring and being overweight, almost a hundred percent of those with sleep apnea will be snorers. A physician is the only one that can accurately diagnose the disorder and to evaluate for sleep apnea a series of questions are asked of the person suspected of having the disorder and their partner.

If necessary, a physician may then propose a number of different routes for treatment. A sleep study is usually the easiest was to determine sleep apnea and can either be conducted at a sleep center or hospital with medical professionals or the test can also be conducted in the subjects own home. Though it may seem like a fairly benign disorder, if left untreated sleep apnea can lead to diabetes and possibly death, if suspected the first step should be consulting with a physician right away.