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Signs of Stroke in Men

Signs of Stroke

Signs of Stroke in Men

According to statistics, about 795,000 Americans are affected by a stroke. Moreover, the worst thing is that the majority of stroke victims will die from stroke-related complications. In fact, stroke is the third largest cause of death in the USA. It is particularly more prevalent in African-American men, excessive smokers, the elderly, and individuals who consume excessive alcohol. It is, therefore, important to recognize stroke symptoms early in order to save lives.

Stroke: Know What It Is

A stroke is brought about by an inadequate blood flow to the brain. This can be as a result of clots or ruptured blood vessels. If tests indicate that your stroke is as a result of a clot, you will have to go for clot-busting drugs immediately. You will also need other necessary interventions for a quick recovery.

Symptoms related to brain dysfunction

Most stroke victims will encounter difficulties with speaking. They will also have difficulty with expressing themselves and are usually confused. Others will find it difficult to understand conversations.

Other related symptoms include:

• Dizziness
• Loss of coordination and balance
Severe headaches

Additional Symptoms

If you are suffering from stroke, several parts of your body will be affected. They include the eyes, face, arms, and legs. You might have a sudden blurry vision and weakness or numbness on one side of your body. Moreover, you will generally feel exhausted/fatigued and notice a struggle when walking.

However, symptoms vary from one person to another. In fact, they depend on the affected area of your brain. In most cases, a stroke will affect either the left or the right hemisphere of the brain. Stroke in the left hemisphere will affect the right side of your body and vice versa.


If one of your relatives, friends, or workmates is having a stroke, performing the following four-part test and take action:

  • F - Face: Ask him to smile, and then check if one of the sides of his face droops.
  • A - Arms: Request him to raise his arms. Check if one arm is drifting downwards.
  • S - Speech: Evaluate if the man is able to repeat a simple phrase, and then observe if he has a slurred speech.
  • T - Time: After conducting the above tests, seek immediate medical attention.

When to call a doctor

If you observe one or more of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately. Remember, driving the victim yourself is risky. You need a paramedic as soon as possible. This will facilitate immediate first aid even when the victim is in the ambulance.

It is important to act fast

Do not delay if you have come across a victim suffering from a stroke. Remember, stroke can be fatal and can lead to death. Therefore, acting fast is important since every second counts as far as stroke rehabilitation is concerned.

If he is suffering from an ischemic stroke, which is the most prevalent type of stroke, it’s probable that a blood clot is hindering blood from reaching the brain. In such a case, a drug known as t-PA is administered to burst up the blood clot. Ensure that the patient is rushed to the hospital in less than an hour before treatment is administered to evaluate the type of stroke he is suffering from.

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