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Simple Measures to Help Patients Cope with Diabetes

Use a pedometer

With the advances in mobile technology, acquiring a pedometer is now more simple and accessible than it’s ever been. If the user owns a smartphone, then he or she basically also possesses a pedometer. There are tons of applications (most of them for free) that can turn a smartphone into veritable measuring devices for fitness purposes. Some of them can calculate (based on GPS) how much distance the user has walked or jogged, average speed, number of footsteps, and an approximate value of how many calories have been burned. A pedometer can be used as an indicator of the amount of activity the user has performed in any given day, and can also be used to set feasible activity goals that he or she could work towards. For instance, if a person walks on average 500 steps in any given day, a good goal would be to increase that number to 550, and so on.