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Sleep Apnea Devices Market Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2027

Growth for sleep apnea devices

The development of painless surgery is also a trend in the healthcare community looking for better ways to treat sleep apnea. However, devices remain as the most practical way to alleviate sleep apnea impact on health of affected people. In the following decade the demand for sleep apnea devices is expected to grow up to a 7.5% in different markets at different areas.

Being China and the U.S the markets that expect a wider growth in demand and production of sleep apnea devices. Competition by top manufacturers is supposed to have a great impact in the current health market. Right now, the top competitors in the U.S are: Globally North America, ResMed, Curative Medical, Cadwell Industries, GE Healthcare and ImThera Medical Inc. While in China the top leading provider of sleep apnea devices is BMC Medical Co, Ltd. Other important manufacturers that are expected to grow massively as the market demand increases are Braebon Medical Corporation (Canada), Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited (New Zealand) and Koninklijke Philips M.V(Netherlands).