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Sleep Deprivation Is Putting Intimacy to Sleep

Sex before bed provides you with a deeper and longer sleep

Having sex before sleep will provide you with deeper and longer sleep. Studies conducted at CQ University in Australia included 460 adults between 18 and 70, and sixty-four percent of the participants claimed that sex helped them sleep deeper. 

Sex gets your pulse racing and tires you out. It also eases the anxiety that causes insomnia. After an orgasm, your body releases hormones that give your brain a feeling of safety and tranquility. Dopamine, or a neurotransmitter, released during orgasm gives you a feeling of tranquility and security, which help with sleep.

Michele Lastella, Ph.D. sex researcher, claims that their research into sex and sleep discovered that sex decreases levels of cortisol or the stress hormone. They said, "When you are engaging in sex, you are not thinking about what to do the next day; you're not going through your phone. You are not distracted."