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7 Effective Sleep Problem Solutions for Seniors

Check out the Lifestyle Including the Eating Habits

Examine your lifestyle, including eating habits

Healthy eating and appropriate exercise is good for you, no matter your age. According to, regular exercise has a dramatic effect on one’s sleep. It is proven to reduce stress and may tire you out, which will help you sleep better.   

Aside from regular exercise, having a healthy diet can also increase the quality of sleep. According to another study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, food intake is directly related to sleep. It has been found that those who do not get enough sleep are those with bigger appetites and also have a large amount of caffeine intake. This is because leptin levels go down if you have a bigger appetite. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite. In addition, caffeine also disrupts sleep due to its stimulant effects. Therefore, it is recommended to lessen, or as much as possible, phase out the intake of caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.