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Specialists Who Treat Tennis Elbow

Specialists Who Treat Tennis Elbow

What Specialists Treat Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. It is a condition that affects the tendons and heals itself. However there are cases where the condition has worsened and thus the victim will require professional medical care.

There are various doctors that can be involved in the treatment of tennis elbow. The types of doctors who can participate in aiding your recovery range in a variety of specializations. This will be based on how bad your situation is and which kind of treatment options you choose to undertake.

We are going to discuss the various professionals who deal with tennis elbow disease. There are sometimes complications of tennis elbow that require a team of professionals to help in rectifying the problem.

Local Doctors

Your local doctor is the first medical professional you might inform about a health problem. He/she may be the family doctor or just a general doctor whom you go to visit at a hospital or clinic. After you have explained your symptoms and feelings to the specialist,  they will assess your situation and recommend what should be done to treat the condition.

They may refer you to other doctors such as physiotherapists, if your elbow's condition is extremely serious and requires an expert to handle it.


These are specialists who use different techniques to help restore motion in your elbow and at the same time, relieve pain in the affected area. Physiotherapists may use massages or exercises to help in treating your health problem.

Massages help to improve the flow of blood to the elbow, thus enhancing healing. Exercises are also crucial as they help in restoring the mobility of the arm and also in maintaining fitness. Physiotherapists will help you in carrying out these exercises and teach you the various routines to carry out in order to improve the situation with the elbow.


This is a professional who is skilled in acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art that involves placing needles at specific points of the body to help relieve your body of pain and stress. If you decide to use acupuncture as a way of relieving you elbow pain, then you will be handled by this professional.

Pain Specialists

These are people who will help you in dealing with the pain that results from lateral epicondylitis. By assessing your situation, they will prescribe the medication that will help in counteracting the pain.

Orthopedic surgeon

This is a medical professional who deals with muscle, bone and joint surgery. If the tennis elbow condition persists to the point that you require a surgery in order to correct it, then this doctor may be used to help with the condition.


These are people who specialize in the treatment of conditions that involve the bones, tendons, muscles and joints. Their methods of treatment are non-surgical. You may need them in the treatment of your condition too.

The Bottom Line

Tennis elbow is a condition that has a wide range of specialists who can help in its treatment. Patients are given various outlets that offer different methods of treatment. Affected people should seek medical counseling from doctors if the condition persists for a long time and does not seem to get better with time. The doctors will be able to recommend them to the correct specialist based on their diagnosis.