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Sponge Implants May Lower Blood Sugar Says New Diabetes Research

Further Polymer Sponge Research

While the results are promising, there are areas of the study that needed further clinical investigations. It is still uncertain why the presence of polymer sponge changes how fat tissues communicate with other organs in the body. Knowing the exact mechanism behind such a change is important in fine-tuning the research and a great help for future experiments to be more effective.

Another interesting aspect of the study that they want to focus on is how the polymer sponge can be further improved. They want to know if the activity in the sponge can be enhanced with the use of biochemical materials. It has been discovered in a related study that introducing resveratrol—a natural chemical compound found in red wine—to the sponge could increase its effects on fat tissues.

The researchers acknowledged the study was made possible through the funding received from the University of South Carolina and COBRE Center for Dietary Supplements and Inflammation, an organization supported by the National Institutes of Health.