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Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor Develops Skincare Line

Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor Develops Skincare Line

Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor Develops Skincare Line

In 1998, at the age of 16, Miri Torres was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin lymphoma. From then on, she spent a majority of her time surrounded by the walls at Sheba Medical Center, located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The lasting effects of the aggressive rounds of chemotherapy that she had gone through were a lot for the average teenager to handle. However, rather than giving in to her ailments, Torres decided to turn her life around.

“I had this crisis, I gained like 60 pounds, I had all of these scars, but I said to myself ‘if you’re going to get better and get healthy, your mission is to always be the best version of yourself and never feel this bad again’,” she said. As soon as she finished with her last round of chemotherapy and her doctors informed her that she was in good health, Torres decided to turn her life around. She fully dedicated herself to living a healthy lifestyle and immersed herself in fitness and cosmetics.

It was Torres’s discovery of the healing properties of the Dead Sea, as well as the doctor who diagnosed her with lymphoma, that inspired her to launch the skincare line – Arianna Skincare. Today, Arianna Skincare is a well-known collection of all-natural skincare products that help to rejuvenate the skin and to fight signs of aging.

The healing powers of the Dead Sea

Torres was born and raised in Israel. Throughout her childhood, she would make trips to the Dead Sea on a frequent basis. However, it was not until the focus on her healing process that led her to discover the benefits that the Dead Sea salts and minerals had on her own skin. The quantity of salt found in the Dead Sea is so high (29% in comparison to most oceans which only contain 4% salt content) that it acts as a natural skin rejuvenator, ridding it of bacteria. What’s more, 12 minerals found in the Dead Sea are not found in any other ocean in the world. 

Torres saw the difference that it made to her skin almost instantly, offering the same amount of effectiveness as other chemical-based products. In fact, the tiny stretch marks and eczema that were a result of her chemotherapy sessions became almost nonexistent. 

Upon graduating from high school and restoring her health, Torres made the decision to join the Israel Defense Force (I.D.F.). Generally, people who have suffered from life-threatening illnesses are not considered nor qualified to join the army, but Torres was determined to join and she became healthy enough to volunteer. She served her country for two and a half years, after which she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and decided that starting a skincare line was what she wanted to do.

Read on to learn more about Miri's entrepreneurial spirit and her skincare line.

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