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Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor Develops Skincare Line

She continues to expand her locations and products

Currently, there are a total of six Arianna Skincare stores found across the nation. The skincare line has two main collections – the Spa Collection, which includes care products for the body, as well as the Elite Collection, which includes anti-aging products for the face. There is also a men’s collection. The products contain all-natural ingredients, which have not been associated with any side effects – only skin care benefits. All of them are made in Israel, where they are scientifically developed and tested by researchers and expert dermatologists in high-tech laboratories within close distance to the Dead Sea.
Torres and her team believe that by continuing to combine the power of the Dead Sea salts and minerals with advancing scientific innovations, they will be able to achieve not only high-quality skincare products, but also natural anti-aging benefits that will help to nurture, repair, and rejuvenate the skin. “To see customers after three months who have been using Arianna Skincare products, are happy with the results and feel confident and better about themselves, that to me is the best part of this job and is incredibly rewarding,” said Torres.