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Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor Develops Skincare Line

So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive

After opening her first store, Torres received an overwhelming amount of positive customer feedback, which would pave the way to how successful the skincare line would become. “We saw a lot of people liked the product, and it was inspiring a lot of people so I started getting a lot of phone calls. Since I’m coming from a wellness field, I learned a little bit about nutrition and also personal training,” she said. It was then that Torres decided to start coaching individuals who were feeling insecure with their looks and their bodies. “So, the entire idea for Arianna skincare – even customers coming into the store and speaking to our sales representative – it’s not just about buying a serum, it’s to change your vision and love yourself and treat your body the way you should treat it. This is my personal idea that I’m trying to deliver out there,” she said.