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Understanding the Stem Cell Transplantation Process

Finally, you will recover and blood count levels should return to normalcy

Finally, you will be given time to recover, and take antibiotics and drugs to assist. Occasionally, blood transfusions can be offered through the transplant catheter, should the patient need them. Your team will be on call to assist with any side effects, and recovery usually takes around two weeks.

ALLO transplants are quite similar; first the donor receives injections to boost white blood cell counts, then the cells will be collected. Then, you will begin chemotherapy, and radiation if needed. This normally takes around a week. When this is completed, you will receive your stem cell transfusion, and you will receive the donor's stem cells via a catheter. Typically, this process takes less than an hour. Then, you will have time to recover, and will be given antibiotics and various other drugs, normally including medication against graft-versus-host disease. Sometimes blood transfusions via the catheter will be necessary. Like in the AUTO transplant, your health care team should be available to monitor and treat any potential side effects that may occur from the transplant.

Ideally, what follows is safe blood count levels and a controlled cancer.