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Stem Cell Treatment Might Be the Answer to Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis

Speak with your doctor to decide if stem cell therapy is right for you

Though the research center is located in San Diego, California, patients have flown in from all over the globe to receive treatments. Usually, visits last 3 days, and most can fly home the very next day after completing treatment. The cost is unfortunately not covered by health insurance, but hopefully one day in the future it will be!

For patients who are interested in trying stem cell therapy for their rheumatoid arthritis, they first should consult with their doctors about their options. Every patient is different, and only your doctor will know best as to whether or not this option is a beneficial one for you. Some people might not do as well with stem cell therapy if they have other comorbid medical conditions. Others might not see a point if they have been successfully managing their symptoms with their current recipe of medications. Every treatment, especially new ones that are still being researched, comes with some level of risk. So it's best to consult with your doctor, who is a medical professional with a good knowledge of your medical condition and its limitations.