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Strategies for Caregivers of Lymphoma Patients

Don't overstep their boundaries, either

Unless asked, only do the things that the patient cannot do for themselves. You might think it might be easier or faster if instead of letting them tie their shoes, you just do it for them. However, when you step in and stop them from attempting to complete daily activities, you may actually be harming them in a variety of ways. Physically, their muscle memory will deteriorate if they no longer perform certain activities that they had previously for their whole lives. Their physical fitness may also take a toll, depending on what activities you are doing for them. Mentally, they may begin to feel insulted or patronized by the idea that they are not capable of what they could before. This may be inevitable to an extent, but let them do what they can for a sense of accomplishment. If they do not feel as if they are in charge of their own lives, they may become passive, which hinders recovery.