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Strategies for Caregivers of Lymphoma Patients

There is SO much support out there. Use it!

Keep in mind that there are lots of resources available for caregivers, and it is important to make use of them. While you may not want to seek out help for yourself, and instead devote all your time to helping, it is a necessity. If you can't bring yourself to use resources for yourself, do it so you can best continue to assist your patient or loved one.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma society offers many resources. One is their weekly online chat for caregivers, which provides a friendly forum for those who are all going through similar things to discuss anything, from specific to vague, about how they are doing. Each chat is moderated by an oncology social worker.

There is also the Pattie Robinson First Connection Program, which is a telephone support program. If you call, you will be paired with a trained peer volunteer who will assist and speak with you, free of charge.

The LLS Community is another chat where people can stay up to date on the news surrounding the illness of their care recipients.

For more information, feel free to look online to find the resource that is right for you.