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Strategies to Help Communicate with Alzheimer's Patients

Be patient

Talking to them is very complicated, difficult, and sometimes irritating. You should be ready to repeat yourself. People with Alzheimer’s hardly recall details, even for a few moments. You might get frustrated, but you should keep in mind that they are unintentional. Calling their names over and over again will also help them establish their identity. You need to identify yourself with them several times as well and establish your relationship, especially since it would make them comfortable to know that you are a family member or someone close to them.

When talking to them, you also need to go slowly and keep your sentences short and direct. Communication must be kept simple and clear. In this way, you can gain interaction and would follow their reactions from time to time. You should also avoid phrases such as “Did you forget?”, “Don’t you remember?”, “I just told you”, and other similar phrases. This could irritate them and make them feel worse. Their ability to remember is deteriorating as this is what the disease is all about.