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Successful Entrepreneur Overcomes Ulcerative Colitis to Win e-Commerce 2017 Award

Successful Entrepreneur Overcomes Ulcerative Colitis to Win e-Commerce 2017 Award  (Slideshow)

Successful Entrepreneur Overcomes Ulcerative Colitis to Win e-Commerce 2017 Award

Lise Gottlieb is the first woman, and the first person from outside the United States, to receive the e-Commerce Award from Harvard Faculty Club. Gottlieb is not only a tenacious businesswoman and eloquent speaker, but she’s also living with ulcerative colitis.

Lise Gottlieb has always met any challenges she faced head-on.

Lise Gottlieb is an outstanding woman who has many qualities making her an award-winning person. Since she was a child, she has always been determined, striving for success.  In her young adult life, she was incredibly successful in the business world, building a promising career in real estate, mortgage, banking, IT, and investment industries. 

Lise Gottlieb is one of the first woman to receive the e-Commerce Award straight from the Harvard Faculty Club. She is not only a firm businesswoman but also an articulate speaker. She is also been living with a known medical condition called ulcerative colitis. All the challenges which she met in her life has been faced heads on. With an immense business talent, Lise planned of leaving her career and launch her own business. But she faced a major setback when her business failed terribly and it was around this time that she was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis as well as thyroid disorder. With a battle towards ulcerative colitis she gained a lot of knowledge about health and nutrition. She spent a lot of time in finding the best way in which she can maintain her health. She learned to prepare gluten free food items and paleo cooking. Even though she was facing such difficult times, she never gave up instead she started fighting the disease and also wanted to encourage others who were going through tough times with the help of her creativity. It is this time that she started to write her own books wherein she would share tips on how to eat well and maintain that ideal weight. She has now become one of the bestselling author of several of her books which are mostly written to help others who also face the same issues. Her documents are quiet easily available as educational document and are very easy to read. She has also written a lot of cooking books and dieting guides which are also available on eBooks for Amazon Kindle.

She has also been developing various products which can help to motivate others to achieve their goals and live as a better individual. Most of her tips are very useful for self-motivated, and hardworking individuals who can attain financial success as well as personal freedom in their lives. In the year, 2014 she also published a Kindle Ebook series which guides individuals who suffer from depression, isolation and have lost hope in their life. She is now termed as an international bestselling author and few of the works would include online diet tips which are provided on websites such as, and she is also a business advisor as well as business consultant. She gave a talk recently at the Harvard Business School Thought Leader Conference. It was regarding a Powerful eCom Formula for the students of the Entrepreneurship Student’s Club. Despite living with this disease, she continues to excel as a businesswoman. She as an incredible intelligence as well as inspiration. She has never allowed the disease to anytime bring her spirits down. Based on her life experience she has always motivated others to                live better lives.

There are many happy clients who are satisfied with her service and work provided and hence have left testimonials for her work. She has been an inspiring role model who those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.