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Synthetic Marijuana May Be Effective to Reduce Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Health risks and symptoms

As is the case with a variety of conditions, some individuals will have a higher likelihood of developing certain other health conditions, especially if the disease is left unchecked. As for the different types of sleep apnea, it is said that male individuals are more likely to be diagnosed with some form of the sleeping condition.  Other factors that can contribute to this diagnosis include being overweight, being over 40 years of age, a large neck size, larger tonsils, a history of sleep apnea in the family, as well as different types of preexisting nasal blockages.  The symptoms that are often associated with the different types of sleep apnea include waking to a dry and sometimes sore throat, fatigue and sleepiness during the day, loud snoring, low quality sleep, mood changes, as well as insomnia