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Synthetic Marijuana May Be Effective to Reduce Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The study's results

The conclusions of the study mentioned above appeared to confirm the hopeful attitude towards the potentially ground-breaking sleep apnea treatment method.  In terms of Dronabinol’s potential, a statement from the study mentions that, “These findings support the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in people with OSA.”  The conclusion of the research effort goes on to point out that relative to the placebo, the patients who tested with Dronabinol on their system yielded better results.  More specifically, these respective patients being tested with the drug showed a lower overall-hypopnea index result, a better self-reported sleepiness, as well as an improved overall treatment satisfaction.  One of the final statements points out that a series of larger scale clinical trials will ultimately be necessary in discovering a more finite conclusion as to how effective Dronabinol is in treating sleep apnea. But, already these results look promising.