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Tai Chi: An Effective Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

The benefits of tai chi

Dr. Chenchen Wang, who is an associate professor and rheumatologist at the Tufts University of Medicine in Boston, is inspired by the studies done regarding the advantages of tai chi.  So, she researched about the benefits of tai chi to fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. She also said that most of the studies they have done before to check anxiety, pain, and depression were subjective, so their study was done more objectively.

Blair Ford, who is the medical adviser of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and a professor of the clinical neurology department at Columbia University in New York, said that these studies will get positive attention in the Parkinson’s community. It will be no surprise if tai chi becomes considered as a collaborative treatment for Parkinson’s. She said that medications cannot help prevent people with Parkinson’s from getting injuries.