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Teacher Gets Commercial License to Help Student with Multiple Sclerosis Get to School

"Every day is a new day for the kids."

As a parent, when you work with your child’s school, you help them to better understand, prepare for, and respond to your child’s needs – whatever they may be (social development, walking difficulties, balance problems, and more). For this reason, it is helpful to keep in mind that administrators and teachers should be recognized and appreciated for all that they do. “For these kids, success is simply trying. Sometimes simply trying can take a huge leap of faith for them, but usually, once they start, they can move mountains,” said Pam Casey, a special education teacher at West Central School, located in West Valley, New York. “Special education teachers benefit from a sort of short term memory loss. Every day is new for the kids. You have to be able to start new too, sometimes in a matter of minutes,” she added.