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Teacher Gets Commercial License to Help Student with Multiple Sclerosis Get to School

Anyone who'd like to become a bus driver for the school district must complete testing and training

For any individual who wishes to become a bus driver for the Livingston Parish School district, he or she must do the following:

  • Complete the Substitute Application packet (all applications must be submitted online)
  • Email or call 225-686-4369 to schedule an appointment for a background check, submit all required documents, and pay the initial processing fee. As part of the scheduled appointment, the applicant will be fingerprinted and the procedure will take a minimum of 30 minutes (only completed applications will be processed)
  • Complete a training course provided by the Livingston Parish Public Schools Transportation Department, which will be offered several times throughout the year. The applicant will need to register for the course before attending
  • Complete additional steps after the class, which will be explained the first night of the class. The additional steps cannot be completed until the applicant has finished the class