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Team Makes Dream Come True for Teammate with Muscular Dystrophy

Team Makes Dream Come True for Teammate with Muscular Dystrophy

Brandon Harris is a high school senior from North Schuylkill High School in Ashland, Pennsylvania, who has dedicated most of his time out of school to his baseball team. Harris also has a rare disease called muscular dystrophy that prevents from walking, running, and playing his favorite sport. However, Harris still never missed a single game of the season and has become an important member of his team. Because of his dedication and hard work, his team honored him on his school's senior recognition day.

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a term used to characterize a group of diseases that cause the progressive deterioration of a patient's muscles. Each form of muscular dystrophy affects a different area of the body. MD is a progressive disorder that only worsens as time goes on. The most severe forms of muscular dystrophy eventually affect the muscles of the lungs and the heart. Currently, there is no cure for this disease.

Because of his condition, Harris could rarely take the field. However, just like any other player on the team, he never missed a match and was always in the dugout rooting his team on. His dedication to the team earned him the title of manager, and he was charged with a significant part of the team’s strategies and training. Brandon even did a victory lap at the end of every game when the team won. He loves his team, and his team loves him.

"I feel like it's an honor because not everybody gets a chance to do things like that. They've treated me like a regular teammate. They treat me like a brother like I treat them," Harris said. For this reason, he was honored by both his coach and his teammates in senior recognition day. "He always stays strong," said Zack Stokes, a fellow player.  "Every time I'm out on the field, and we're down or something, I always look at him and it brings us right up!"

With this honor, Harris was given a baseball bat that was signed by all his teammates.

Photo source: Twitter