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Teen Fighting Lymphoma Has Prom of Her Dreams with Wig of Friend’s Hair

The salon owner was taken aback by her personality

The owner of the hair salon, Dawn DeMario, stated that she understood why preparing for prom is such a big deal. “It’s the first time a young girl feels like a real princess,” she said. That is why DeMario was so touched by Smith’s heartfelt generosity. “For somebody to do 24 inches, I haven’t seen it in my career,” she said.

Smith stated that she had never planned on cutting her hair unless she knew someone who needed it. “I guess just seeing how happy and positive (White) still is and how much she literally impacts every person she’s around even if it’s the first time, I just thought that I could do something for her that — it’s not going to hurt me. It’s not going to be a big deal for me to do, and it would mean so much to her,” she said.

Photo: WFAA