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Teen with Neurovascular Muscular Dystrophy Competes in Ballroom Dancing Competition

Ariel's message: Find something you are passionate about and use it

As a champion, Ariel will be forever grateful for the people who have helped her. Right now, she remains thankful that her health is good, her disease is managed, and for her incredible support group.  She plans to continue to be competitive in her dancing and hopes that it will take her to where she wants to go with her life. 

Her message to those who are suffering from degenerative muscle disorders or other chronic illnesses is to find something that they can be passionate about and do it. Mayer says, “You don’t have to be competitive; you can do it just because you enjoy it.” 

Who knows, maybe like Ariel the creative outlet that you choose will take you to big places, even with a life-changing illness.

Photo: Vimeo