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The 5 Strangest Ways People Learned They Had Cancer

The 5 Strangest Ways People Found Out They Had Cancer

HGTV Co-Host Gets Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer

In 2013, a viewer and Flip or Flop fan spotted a lump on host Tarek El Moussa when watching the show. As a registered nurse, her concern prompted her to try and contact the host and encourage him to get a biopsy for the previously labeled benign lump. She contacted the production company saying, “This is not a joke. I’m a registered nurse. I’ve been watching ‘Flip or Flop.’ I noticed that the host, Tarek, has a large nodule on his thyroid, and he needs to have it checked out.” The message was forwarded over to Tarek, who was soon diagnosed with thyroid cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes. 

  • In the HGTV series called “Flip or Flop,” the cohost, Tarek El Moussa, has been known to be battling thyroid cancer since the year 2013. He has a fan to thank for helping him identify and learn more about his illness. That fan’s name is Ryan Read, who is a trained nurse. In one of the episodes, Read had spotted a lump on Tarek El Moussa’s neck, then she immediately contacted the production house. As per one of the tabloids, she had sent an email mentioning, “This is not any kind of joke, but I am a registered nurse and I have followed the series “Flip and Flop.” In one of the episodes, I noticed a large kind of nodule on Tarek’s thyroid and it is important that he needs to get it checked.” This email was forwarded by the production company to the host, and Tarek got a biopsy carried out of the lump, which he was previously told was benign. During this biopsy, he later found out that he was suffering from thyroid cancer and that it had spread to his lymph nodes. Thankful to Ryan Read for her eagle eye, Tarek was able to diagnose and catch the illness before it could start to spread to other parts of the body and worsen the condition. Tarek had to remove the nodule and also underwent treatment. He is currently under remission. There is still the worry that the cancer will come back again in future, but for now, he and his wife are both working and focusing completely on the recovery as well as growing their family. On the show “The Doctors,” they got to meet the nurse who helped them in acting on the lump and going in for the diagnosis. Tarek had mentioned, “If it wasn’t for the TV or Ryan to notice the lump on my neck, then I would have been still moving ahead with my life and the cancer present in my body without me doing anything about it.”
  • Avery Fitzgerald was just two years of age when his mother noticed that something was not right in his eyes. His mother had noticed something about him that gave her quite an uncomfortable feeling. The mother explained that whenever she saw her son in certain kinds of lighting, she would notice something strange present in one of his eyes. Once, after taking a picture of her son, Julie had realized that one of his pupils looked entirely white, whereas in typical flash photography, it would typically have been red eye. After carrying out the diagnosis, it was confirmed that her son was suffering from retinoblastoma, wherein about 75 percent of the eye of her child was covered in tumors, and doctors had to remove it. Doctors had also mentioned that if they had waited too long, the cancer could have also spread to other parts of the body.
  • Maureen Burns, who resides in Rugby, England, has a 10-year-old mixed breed collie whose name is Max ,and this dog is known to have saved her life from a deadly disease. The 64-year-old had realized that something was not right when Max would suddenly start to act quite strangely. He would keep on sniffing Maureen's breath and try to nudge her right breast. This odd behavior from Max then prompted Maureen to carry out a check-up of her breasts, and that is when she discovered a small lump present in the right breast, but the growth did not show up on any of her hospital mammograms. Maureen was still convinced that something was not right, so she started to persuade the surgeons to carry out a biopsy. Maureen's premonition was proven right when the results turned out to be a confirmation that the lump was in fact malignant, or a cancerous one. Maureen had to undergo surgery to get it removed, after which it was followed by radiation therapy as well. Slowly and steadily, her prognosis started to be excellent. Mrs. Maureen Burns is very convinced that she is alive today due to her dog's keen sense of smell.
  • A groom-to-be who is very well known for his one-liners was one day very horrified to be diagnosed with the presence of a brain tumor, and this happened after he lost the ability to crack a joke. Andrew Llewellyn, who is 34 years of age, is very well known for being the center of a conversation due to his amusing stories as well as gibes. But one day, he was unable to remember even his favorite jokes. He also found it difficult to get the right words to make funny remarks, due to which he started to become worried and concerned. There were certain tests carried out by his physician, and one day, while he was waiting for the results, he also suffered a seizure attack. Doctors had discovered that he had an egg-sized tumor as well as a cyst that were pressing on one part of his brain, which was mostly used for speech. Llewellyn had to undergo a four-hour operation to gett the growth removed, and just a few days later, he was back to his razor-sharp memory.
  • Eugene Finney, who is a father of two, was subjected to a vicious attack by a shark, and he says that if it was not for this fearsome predator, he would have been dead by now. Due to the attack from the shark, Eugene suffered cuts as well as bruises and had been left in s significant amount of pain after the shark smashed into him while he was swimming off the California coast. When Eugene visited the hospital to be checked by the doctors, he said that the doctors found something even more threatening. The doctors had discovered a cancerous tumor which they were able to remove properly later on. But thanks to the early discovery, which occurred unexpectedly due to the shark attack, Eugene was able to make a complete recovery.