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The Best Energy-Boosting Supplements for Fibromyalgia

The Best Energy-Boosting Supplements for Fibromyalgia

During a fibro flare-up, it’s hard to tell which one of the many symptoms is the most debilitating. For many people, the pain can seem everlasting and the fibro fog can make a day feel like an endless cycle of confusion. Everyone fibro symptoms affects them differently and what seems like the most problematic symptom for some doesn't even bother someone else. However, bone crushing fatigue seems to be the most common and the most debilitating fibro side-effect among all fibro sufferers. 

Often described as pulverizing fatigue, it seems to be the most all-encompassing of the symptoms.  Picture it this way: Imagine being so tired that just walking-up three steps to the front door seem virtually impossible. Now, picture settling into bed early to get a good night’s rest to try to alleviate it only to be struck with a bout of insomnia.  It’s the next day now, imagine now that that fatigue is twice as bad and on the days to do list is to to do even the simplest chore. You choose to just watch something on the TV hoping to take your mind off how bad you feel when you realize just how sore and tender your joints are feeling. Now imagine feeling that way day after day. Every day. Of every week. For years. 

While there is no cure for the disease there is thankfully some relief out there that can help boost energy and reduce the fatigue.  Before getting into what a fibro patient can do to increase their energy, let’s have a look at how that energy is created.

Well, in a nutshell, every single one of the cell in the human body contains something that is called the mitochondria.  The mighty mitochondria’s job is to supply energy to the cells.  That energy is referred to as ATP.  People with fibromyalgia have lower levels of ATP than healthy individuals and they also do not have the capability to produce ATP in the muscles. Making fibro sufferers all around more fatigued than their healthy counterparts.

Now that we understand that side of things, let’s have a look at these different supplements that have been found to increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Vitamin B12 helps with fatigue, shortness of breath and general weakness

We have known for years that vitamin B12 helps fight fatigue, shortness of breath and general weakness.  Many times these are a result of vitamin deficient anemia. Researchers have recently found that people with fibromyalgia have extremely low B12 - particularly in their spinal fluid. This is an indication that the vitamin is not being properly absorbed into the bloodstream. While B12 is readily available in the vitamin aisle at the local drug store, popping a pill every morning might not be enough to get that extra boost needed to fight fibro fatigue. The best and most effective way to increase B12 in the body is to have it injected.  A simple blood test can help determine the levels of B12 that are found in the system and help doctors decide if injections would be beneficial to someone with fibro.

Read on to learn more about the best energy-boosting supplements that can help fibromyalgia patients.